How it Works

Every business starts with an idea. The best and brightest endeavors have a clear plan. Without a detailed plan, it’s easy to waste energy chasing every lead. It’s even easier to get overwhelmed and stuck. Many small businesses fail because their owners get trapped in a cycle of reacting to short-term issues, missing out on long term trends and opportunities. They burn out or go bankrupt. Sometimes both.

Get Focused & Make Passion Profitable

My clients succeed and become profitable doing what they love the most. They are consultants, artists, freelancers, and hobbyists. I help them stay focused on the bigger picture and creatively solve problems. A jack-of-all-trades entrepreneurial sort, I consult in three areas: business development, market assessments, and brand development. Some clients need support in all areas, and others need a few simple tweaks to their current model.


Peter Ashbaugh

A third generation entrepreneur, Peter has witnessed the fall and rise of more than a dozen family businesses. At age 10, he was cooking mint jelly and lining his red wagon with jars to sell throughout his neighborhood. His other endeavors have included lemonade stands, a consulting practice and web development company, house flipping, and stints in the nonprofit world. He was born and raised, and has crawled around the block with startups and what it takes to create a brand, manage employees, land clients, and sell products and services.

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Let’s schedule a free consultation today. I freely give away my best ideas, practices, and methodologies. I go the extra mile for my clients and earn their loyalty.




the basics of business

  • Business Model
  • Core purpose and Mission
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Financial Model & Forecasts, 3 Year Plan
  • Evaluation Services (Employee or Client Survey & Interviews)



you and your client’s world

  • Business Niche
  • Target Market
  • Client Demographics
  • Competition & Landscape



how you are perceived

  • Logo & Identity
  • Culture & Values
  • Customer Experience
  • Team Dynamics